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BuzzStream is a valuable tool for brands and agencies to successfully build relationships with potential leads to succeed. If you are looking for a way to get more links, traffic, and coverage, BuzzStream is your second-to-none choice.

Overview of BuzzStream

BuzzStream helps brands and agencies build the relationships they need to succeed in today’s competitive market. Undoubtedly, the competition is getting more intense as brands and agencies adopt content marketing to increase the volume of content gasps for attention. 

BuzzStream brings a whole new strategy to help marketers build the relationships with influencers they need to get that attention in the manner they desire, to gain traffic, improve search performance, and increase their awareness.


BuzzStream is an end-to-end outreach platform that offers its services to brands and agencies t help them stay organized and grow better digital PR and link-building results, independent of their scale. With BuzzStream services, it’s easier to discover metrics and contact information for prospects, build a database of promoters, and get more links and traffic.

BuzzStream services include:

1. Research opportunities

Nothing is more amazing than building a qualified list so fast and without difficulty and that’s what BuzzStream provides to brands and agencies. You will be able to browse prospect lists, add contacts, and automatically find contact information and metrics to build better profiles and discover opportunities while spending less time in spreadsheets.


  • Easily add contacts without hassle.
  • As you browse websites, blogs, and social medial profiles, you add prospective leads to your database.
  • Quickly organise your prospect List.
  • Quickly turn any SERP or list of URLs into a prospect list.
  • Experience automatic list building like never before.
  • Automatic prospecting does the searches for you and provides the most relevant results from web and news searches to build your list in seconds.
  • By just collecting data and uploading a list of URLs, BuzzStream will automatically discover contact information, website stats, and social metrics for you.

2. Email

A well-organised email is always the first step to impressing your prospective audience. BuzzStream allows you to send a well-organised and personalised email at a scale. It’s quick and easy to create a message according to your demand without sacrificing efficiency.


  • Segment Your Lists.
  • Sort & filter your database.
  • Select from a variety of Templates.
  • Choose or create a custom template for your campaign.
  • Create a personalized message as you need it.
  • Choose when or time to send your outreach message, so your prospects receive your message at exactly the right time
  • Enjoy automatic follow-up with your contacts through BuzzStream’s automatic follow-up feature based on the rules you define.
  • Set reminders for follow-up

3. Manage Your Projects

BuzzStream allows you to manage your emails to keep everything organised without losing any emails or your inbox getting overloaded. BuzzStreams help you keep your entire project on track with your team. With BuzzStream, you can make your dream come true and manage every project with a touch of a button.


  • Monitor and explore your campaign’s status.
  • View the recent activities of your teams by projects or team members.
  • Set reminders to get notified of updates from your outreach.
  • Easily assign tasks to members of your team and share information with them quickly.

4. Report

Get all data in just a single report to build deep insight into your campaigns and take charge of it. Explore your team’s progress, emails, and project performance from the BuzzStream report to make the most effective decisions.


  • BussStream gives you insights and recommendations on email details such as subject lines. That way, you will stand a chance to get the best possible result.
  • Helps you evaluate your team performance, and know who’s performing well and who’s not.
  • Get more details about your contacts.
  • Customize the reports to receive the data your need.

Pricing & Features

1. Starter Plan

Get simple out-of-the-box outreach for up to 2 users. 1 user for $24 per month ($24 per additional) plus 1,000 contacts.


  • Get contact info
  • Easily open, click, & reply tracking
  • Access to email templates
  • Schedule emails and get reminders
  • Automated follow-ups
  • Publisher and influencer metrics
  • Track your Twitter conversations
  • Chrome extension
  • Access email performance reports
  • Monitor links (1,000 links)
  • Prospecting searches (30)

2. Growth Plan (Most popular of all)

Get access to a complete outreach platform, with the team sharing features and more. 3 users for $124 per month ($40 per additional) plus 25,000 contacts.


  • Send bulk emails
  • Get access to customised team template sharing
  • Report of project performance 
  • Links report
  • Customizable permissions
  • Phone and email support
  • Integration of ahrefs 
  • Monitor links (25,000 links)
  • Conduct prospect searches (250)

3. Professional Plan 

Get advanced analytics, extensive customizability, API access and personalized support for your organisation. 6 users for $299 per month ($50 per additional) plus 100,000 contacts


  • Report of team performance 
  • Unlimited customization of report 
  • Integration via web services API
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Monitor link (100,000 links)
  • Prospect searches (1,000)

4. Custom Plan

A solution, customized to the unique needs of your organization. Starting at $999/month for 15+ users plus 300,000+ contacts.


  • Implementation plan
  • Onboarding of new team members

User Reviews

According to the review of April Talens; “Buzzstream is a great tool for managing campaigns. Even after several years of using it, there’s been a huge improvement implemented frequently on it. The interesting part of it was that they sometimes get their ideas of improvements from client suggestions. BuzzStream is easy to use and integrate on emails, even when you encounter issues after switching an email and linking it to a different Buzzstream account, you will only need to de-authorize it on your Google account to get it working properly. Also, the support is very helpful, as they usually get back to you with a detailed list of potential instructions which is incredible. They also provide training to beginners which is amazing.”


  • Prospect searches
  • Contact hunting
  • Campaign management
  • Success link tracking


  • Reporting looks good on Buzzstream but is a bit distorted when exported to PDF

According to the review of Eric Serdar on TrustRadius; “they have been using BuzzStream to compile lists for potential outreach opportunities, tracking outreach progress, success, and brand mentions for clients. BuzzStream eliminates the need for thousands of spreadsheets to track different clients by improving the success of campaigns. It helps keeps everything organised under a single project name.”


  • Unlimited outreach opportunities
  • Monitoring of brands


  • It’s hard to use sometimes
  • Problems can sometimes be experienced with email integration
  • Notification doesn’t work properly sometimes

According to the review of Nathan Richardson on TrustRadius; “they have been using BuzzStream as their main tool for SEO outreach campaigns and link-building. It’s mainly used by their Marketing department and certain individuals in other departments. BuzzStream eliminates the need for thousands of spreadsheets to track different clients by improving the success of campaigns. It helps keeps everything organised under a single project name.”


  • The email sequencing is awesome.
  • The email templates work very well.
  • Excellent contact organization and grouping.


  • The contact finder tool does not work well.
  • Impossible to find verified email addresses using their email finder.
  • At times and hard to load certain pages.

Other Alternatives

  • Cision Communications Cloud
  • Ninja Outreach
  • G2 Deals
  • Meltwater
  • BuzzSumo

The Prowriterteam Say

If you are going to be doing outreach on a daily basis, BuzzStream is the tool for you.
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