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Today we are going to review the NinjaOutreach tool — which is currently among the tending tools for influencers to boost their brand awareness without hassle.

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Almost every brand nowadays takes interest in influencer marketing tools to reach their audience. Because irrespective of the business you run, there are potential audiences on social media that’ll patronize it. The NinjaOutreach tool helps you bring these potential influencers to your brand.

Without further ado, let’s discuss why NinjaOutreach is a better choice for boosting your brand awareness.

Let’s get to it…

Ninja Outreach Review 2022 – Is Ninja Outreach Worth it?

NinjaOutreach is one of the most popular influencer marketing outreach software that connects both brands and marketers with the right audience to grow their online presence in a better way.

Ninja outreach makes influencer outreach tasks a bit simple without hassle — because every tool you need is in one place. Ninja outreach tools can help you accomplish a lot of outreach tasks such as

  • Expert roundups
  • Sponsored post outreach
  • Resource page link building
  • Link building 
  • Guest posting (guest post outreach)
  • Podcast or interview outreach
  • Business Marketing Branding & PRProduct promotion
  • Content marketing promotion
  • Social media marketing

With Ninjaoutreach, you can also generate new leads while utilizing other opportunities for your business. The tool is easy to use when searching for influencers — once you have entered all of your keywords, you can find influencers based on their location. Also, when searching for prospects, it will be indicated based on the prospect’s name, description, SEO metrics, and engagement data, and you can customize all your prospects according to your preference.

Key Features of the Ninja Outreach Platform

  • Business Lead Generation: Get Leads With A Simple Search
  • Find Instagram Influencers
  • Find Top Twitter Influencers
  • Influencer Marketing Agency Software
  • Link Building Software
  • Contact Relationship Management
  • Scalable And Effective Influencer Outreach Tool

NinjaOutreach provides you with all the tools you need to find and reach out to powerful influencers and leads irrespective of your business services. For more interesting content writing services, check out Prowriterteam services.

Let’s elaborate on the features of the Ninjaoutreach platform…

1. Business Lead Generation: Get Leads With A Simple Search

With the Ninjaoutreach business generation tool, you can find business leads, market your business, and get sales lead generation fast and easily. NinjaOutreach has a massive business leads database, so lead generation won’t be a problem with millions of profiles. It is quick, you only need to type your target niche + location keywords and find business leads fast!

While using the business lead generation on NinjaOutreach, you can access features such as

  • Identify business leads with the biggest audience by simply specifying your ideal follower count on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Youtube.
  • Find the most influential business leads with higher social influence and engagement by specifying your ideal number of shares or comments per post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Youtube.
  • Generate accurate leads using advanced search queries to find content per author, domain, or URL. you can also do a specific search of page titles or URLs with your keywords in them.
  • Import your URLs and business leads on NinjaOutreach or export a list of leads into a CSV to store on an external spreadsheet.
  • Reach business leads with an all-in-one influencer database and email outreach marketing tool.
  • Choose which business lead receives your emails. Filter by tags, labels, or previously created email outreach campaign interactions. You can also organize your business leads with smart tags, update relationship labels, and record lead-specific notes.

Check out the Ninja Outreach business lead generation software here.

2. Find Instagram Influencers

All it takes is a few clicks to find Instagram Influencers using NinjaOutreach, set the metrics you’re looking for, and watch the magic happen.

While using the find Instagram influencers tool on NinjaOutreach, you can access features such as:

  • Get the Chrome Extension to add Instagram leads as you browse Google. Review the crawled data and save your top choices into your list of leads. Also, no need to worry about Duplicates as they are automatically discarded.
  • Review how engaged an Instagram influencer’s audience is through their engagement rating.
  • Instantly view how much an Instagram influencer charges per post.
  • See the total average likes and replies per post that an influencer gets from their followers.
  • Save your Instagram influencer leads into a list for tracking and future email outreach.

Check out Ninja Outreach find Instagram influencer software here.

3. Find Top Twitter Influencers

With Ninjaoutreach find Twitter influencers tool, you can find Twitter influencers and connect with them through a single social media influencer search & outreach tool.

While using the Twitter influencers tool on NinjaOutreach, you can access features such as:

  • Get access to a database with over 7 million Twitter profiles in any niche or country.
  • NinjaOutreach will scan other social profiles and contact information related to each Twitter profile you add and automatically sync any matches into a detailed contact card!
  • Set up outreach email campaigns for your target Twitter influencer leads. Schedule when to launch the outreach campaign and on which days. NinjaOutreach will automatically contact all Twitter influencers in your list with valid emails.
  • Save time and automate follow-up messages to your Twitter leads and set up logic rules so the app can automatically send up to 2 follow-up outreach messages for you.
  • Millions of Twitter Influencers to choose from. Whatever your campaign needs, you won’t run out of potential leads! The NinjaOutreach database is updated continuously.

Check out the Ninja Outreach find top Twitter influencer software here.

4. Influencer Marketing Agency Software

With Ninjaoutreach you can get access to an all-in-one influencer marketing software for agencies. You can get all the best leads and features your influencer marketing agency could ever need with this service.

While using the influencer marketing agency software on NinjaOutreach, you can access features such as:

  • Get access to efficient, large-scale influencer marketing. No more manual copy-paste as you can boost your progress with specialized influencer marketing agency software to find leads and automate email outreach at scale, in just a few clicks.
  • Looking for a journalist or a blogger? Get the right leads with one-click Smart Tags that find specific profiles. Set followers, shares, Domain Authority, and other metric requirements.
  • Find and verify anyone’s email address in a few seconds with a built-in email finder and email validator.
  • Schedule mass outreach campaigns with automated follow-ups. Contact forms? Not a problem. Just autofill them in a few clicks.
  • No need to write everything from scratch. Choose from a library of ready-made templates or add tweaks to fit your campaign.
  • Use Dynamic Fields that change to fit each lead. Add alternative phrase tags in your messages to create various combinations and increase email deliverability.
  • Know which email templates get more opens, clicks, and replies. See who did which action and follow up appropriately.

Check out the Ninja Outreach influencer marketing agency software here.

5. Link Building Software

Build backlinks faster with an all-in-one link-building software with Ninjaoutreach. Don’t let guest posting be your only link-building strategy, explore other lucrative options on ninja outreach such as competitor link building, broken link building, guest post link building, resource page link building, expert roundups, link roundups, and infographic link building to ace any campaign.

While using the link-building software on NinjaOutreach, you can access features such as

  • Get high-quality backlinks in a few clicks and access to a massive, up-to-date database with emails and contact information of high-authority influencer leads.
  • Unlimited search on a huge link-building database. Just enter any niche + your location keywords to get access to qualified link-building leads.
  • Get instant access to the best backlink leads and stop wasting time on low-quality link-building leads!

Check out the Ninja Outreach link-building software here.

6. Contact Relationship Management

Ninjaoutreach provides a simple-to-use influencer CRM. Just cut the fuss and find millions of influencers with the use of a single keyword. Get access to manage leads with a powerful but user-friendly Influencer CRM!

While using the contact relationship management software on NinjaOutreach, you can access features such as

  • Influencer CRM function that automatically crawls lead profiles for email addresses, contact info, social accounts, websites, SEO, and engagement stats.
  • Ditch manual, one-by-one emailing and experience a modern style of software on Ninja Outreach where you can schedule email outreach campaigns with up to 2 automated follow-ups.
  • Without hassle, get your email to the right audience with influencer CRM functions. Categorize who receives what email and when in just a few clicks.
  • Find the best leads in just a few clicks! Type niche + location keywords and sort by followers, domain authority, or other metrics.

Check out the Ninja Outreach link-building software here.

7. Scalable And Effective Influencer Outreach Tool

With Ninjaoutreach scalable and effective influencer outreach tool, you can automate mass email outreach, autofill contact forms in a few clicks, and reach more leads in less time.

While using the scalable and effective influencer outreach tool on NinjaOutreach, you can access features such as:

  • Reach more leads in less time with automated email campaigns whilst being able to save your outreach template, add the list of leads you want to reach, and set your campaign schedule. You can also automate up to 2 follow-up messages and easily get work done while you sleep!
  • Use custom fields to automatically populate emails and contact forms with each lead’s distinct info to improve your deliverability and response rates!
  • Reach up to 25% more leads with the contact form auto-filler while customizing your mail with your templates and personal fields directly into any contact form in one click.
  • There’s an in-app inbox sync with your email client so you can send messages and view your influencer outreach message and follow-ups in the same app.
  • There’s an overview usage of each template by other Ninja Outreach customers to let you know which outreach templates are providing you with the highest open rates, click-through rates, and reply rates.
  • Get in-app and email notification alerts when a lead replies to an email.

Check out the Ninja Outreach link-building software here.

Ninja Outreach Pricing Plans

Ninja Outreach has three different plans, and the price varies by how many emails and campaigns you would like to send each month, and how many users you need.

The plans are called ‘FLEX’, ‘SILVER’, and ‘SILVER PLUS’. The FLEX plan includes 1000 campaigns, 500 emails, 1 seat, 1 email, unlimited searches, and 5 export data. With this plan, you have full access to the entire database of Ninja Outreach containing thousands of  Instagram influencers, business emails, and bloggers. This plan costs just $155 yearly and is suitable for beginners looking to do their influencer outreach. 

The silver plan is pretty similar, except you can have 10,000 campaigns, 1 seat, and 1000 emails, so it’s a great plan for individuals who are looking to do influencer outreach. This plan costs $255 per year.

The silver plus plan you 15,000 campaigns, 3 seats, and 4,000 emails, so it’s a great plan for businesses with a marketing team, or small agency marketing companies who are looking to do influencer outreach on behalf of their clients. This plan costs $459 per billed year.

Pros and Cons of Ninja Outreach

As with all popular tools for influencer outreach we have reviewed here, Ninja outreach has its pros and cons, which include:

Ninja Outreach Pros

  • Saves you time by automating your influencer outreach
  • There is a 7-day risk-free trial which allows you to try all of the features before deciding whether it is the right tool for you
  • The entire process is well-elaborated to help you understand how to use Ninja Outreach to your advantage
  • Several different of link building strategies that you can utilize to grow your business at once
  • Affordable and quick to automate link-building processes, even for agencies
  • There are highly available search results to help you personalise your business
  • The email tools allow you to contact your prospects with customised emails.

Ninja Outreach Cons

  • There’s no email software on Ninjaoutreach and you’ll need to integrate your email.
  • All social media platforms are not included in the tool.
  • 7-days free trial is not too much to explore the whole tool.

Why You Should Try NinjaOutreach

Why do outreach the old boring way when you can use Ninja Outreach to automate the entire process without wasting a LOT of time? Ninja Outreach is without a doubt one of the best tools available for influencer outreach for individuals, businesses, and beginners.

Among other tools Prowriterteam has reviewed before, we are pleased to say that we can highly recommend Ninja Outreach products and services to anyone. Ninja Outreach has over 78 million contacts in a huge variety of industries, so no matter the niche of your business, you will be able to reach a huge number of leads by filtering Industry, location, SEO metrics, domain authority, and more.

If you would like to give Ninja Outreach a try, you can get started here.

User Reviews of Ninja Outreach on Trustpilot

Ninja Outreach has a review rate of 2.1 on Trustpilot which is not good. However, we believe that the platform is working hard to improve its services in a way to ensure customer satisfaction.

According to the review by Ben; “ This is by far the best option for exporting influencer leads at a high volume. I was very surprised by how accurate their email data is. I give 4/5 only because each export contains a few contacts missing emails and there is significant overlap if you’re exporting both from their Insta and YouTube influencers.”

According to the review by Demitrey P.; “We have been using their services for a few weeks and thought it is only fair to provide feedback. The web system is user-friendly and the accuracy of the contact data is superior to some of the alternatives I used in the past. The most impressive part is the customer service: they have been quite accessible from the start, and have been responsive to our requests at every step of the way. Highly recommended.

According to the review by Abdul Ali; “NinjaOutreach software is simple to use and effective! and solid tool with a variety of features to save you time and generate a higher response rate through your outreach efforts.” I checked during the trial time, I used Free Sign up, and money was deducted due to some reason, $2,388. After email and request, they return the money to our account, Thanks to Ninja Outreach, Kit & team.”

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What is ninja outreach?

Ninja Outreach tool allows you to create effective influencer marketing campaigns by filtering through millions of influencers’ insights to find the one that captures your target audience’s attention.

How to use ninja outreach?

Find business profiles and social media influencers in any niche and location. Just type your keywords to access millions of profiles and their email addresses in the Ninja Outreach massive influencer database.

How to autofill contact pages with ninja outreach?

Once you have added a template, click on the contact form, go to inbox mode, select the leads you want to reach, and choose to send through the contact form.

How to be sure to cancel a ninja outreach account?

Make sure you are currently logged in on your Ninja Outreach account. Go to account settings and navigate down to deactivate account or contact support through the live chat option to deactivate your account.

How to build custom Facebook audience from ninja outreach prospecting?

You can easily identify leads with the largest audiences and higher social reach by specifying the ideal amount of followers on Facebook. Then target your leads with well-personalized campaigns.

How to find bloggers on ninja outreach?

You can find bloggers from other countries using the Websites & Blogs Search tab with a combination of advanced search operators or correct search terminology.

How to get urls of a page with ninja outreach?

The easiest method is simply to use the search and the filter in Ninja Outreach tool, you can search for Websites URL and Twitter Influencers. Just run a search for your URL of a page to get results.

How to use ninja outreach to get emails?

You can find someone’s email address by searching for a specific domain or person through the email finder feature.

Is ninja outreach a scam?

Ninja Outreach is legit and a powerful outreach tool with millions of influencers’ profiles in its database.

What is ninja outreach lite?

Ninja Outreach gives you 7 days free trial to try out all of its services without hassle.

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